Best 0 degree sleeping bag – Researched by Universreview

best 0 degree sleeping bag

As part of this year’s research, we have tested more than 29 sleeping bags in cold conditions at various Californian parks and campgrounds. Our research revealed that the 0-degree sleeping bags performed the highest of all and were the most comfortable and warmest of the sleeping bags we examined.  

Considering the value for money aspect, we selected the top 10 best 0 degree sleeping bags based on our testing results. Hence, if you are looking for a sleeping bag that will withstand frigid winter temperatures and keep you warm and comfortable, we recommend the best sleeping bag on our list.

best 0 degree sleeping bag 2

Best one picked

Our research tested many expensive 0 degree sleeping bags to determine their value. However, we were not satisfied with their warmth and comfort. So it is a misconception that all 0 degree sleeping bags will keep you warm and comfortable in cold weather. 

best 0 degree sleeping bag

Lithium Sleeping Bag: 0F Down

An ideal sleeping bag for winter Camping, Mountaineering, Backpacking

  • MSRP: 558$
  • EN/ ISO Rating: 9°F
  • WEIGHT: 2lb 10oz
  • Stuff Size: 7.5” x 16”

Pros: ultra comfort and warm, Snagless tube, DWR finish and quantum nylon ripstop

Cons: Expensive

best 0 degree sleeping bag

Details: The Lithium Sleeping Bag is the winner of the category of Best 0 Degree Sleeping Bag All-rounder. The features of this bag make it stand out from the competition.

In order to give you a better understanding of why I chose this sleeping bag in the first place, I would like to share my experience. All mummy-shaped sleeping bags offer a high level of comfort and warmth, but we felt different while using this bag. The experience was great. I was very impressed with its warmth and comfort. In contrast, other mummy-shaped bags did not provide such a high level of comfort and warmth

The warmth level from head to toe was so enchanting whether I was sleeping or resting. It did not make me feel irritated or ill in the least. Even though they are more expensive, the comfort and warmth they provide more than makeup for it.

The purpose of this sleeping bag is to provide exceptional warmth and comfort by competing with other sleeping bags on the market. The experience of this exceptional feeling was truly wonderful. Our team still uses it for this reason.

Now let’s take a look at its manufacturer. This combination of ripstop material and hydrophobic 800 fill-down insulation is used in the manufacture of sleeping bags. As a result of these factors, the sleeping bag is both highly durable and lightweight, weighing just 2 pounds, 10 ounces, which allows us to save weight and space when backpacking. And you will not need to worry about the twilight mist waterlogging your sleeping bag since it has a 20D Pertex Quantum Nylon Ripstop face fabric and a 30D Nylon DWR lining.

Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag

Best low-budget sleeping bag

  • MSRP: 79$
  • Temperature Rating: 10 °
  • WEIGHT: 8.04 lb
  • Stuff Size: 17.5” x 12.5” x 12.25” 

Pros: Reasonable price, Snagless, above average comfort and durability

Cons: Bit heavy

best 0 degree sleeping bag 3

Details: If you are looking for a 0 degree sleeping bag at an affordable price, this bag is a smart choice. With the ability to meet the needs of adults and anyone who is tall, this sleeping bag will be a standard. In this price range, one of the most notable features of this bag is that the zipplow system and polyester prevent the fabric from snagging while zipping.

Now let’s talk about this sleeping bag’s durability, comfort and backpack. Comparing this sleeping bag with other sleeping bags, it is slightly above the average in comfort and durability. However, considering the price, it deserves extra credit for both. Its size is adjusted for the backpack, but its weight is slightly higher. While it will not pose any problems or hassle when packing into the bag, it might be a bit difficult to carry due to its weight.

Coleman Big & Tall Sleeping Bag | 0°F

Best rectangular sleeping bag, ideal for the tall person

  • MSRP: 89$
  • Temperature Rating: 10 °
  • WEIGHT: 9.19 lb
  • Stuff Size: ‎20.47” x 11.42” x 11.81” 

Pros: Affordable, durable, ideal for side sleepers.

Cons: Very heavy, large packed size

best 0 degree sleeping bag

Details: You can choose this sleeping bag as your preferred sleeping bag if you want a rectangular shape zero-degree sleeping bag. Moreover, this sleeping bag would be an ideal bag for those who need a bit more space when resting or lying down, or if you are a side sleeper. Most rectangular-shaped sleeping bags snag when zipping. But you will not find any such problem in this bag

This bag is the least expensive of all the sleeping bags on our list. However, rectangular sleeping bags are a little troublesome while backpacking. Other than that, there is a relatively low level of comfort and warmth in these rectangular-shaped sleeping bags compared to all other mummy-shaped sleeping bags.

Phantom GORE-TEX Sleeping Bag

Top-rated luxury royal comfort sleeping bag

  • MSRP: 825$
  • WEIGHT: 1lb 15oz
  • Stuff Size: ‎9.5” x 17” 

Pros: ultra comfort, durable, Exceptional warmth, Goose down RDS 800-fill

Cons: Expansive, Backpack makes it a bit wider.

best 0 degree sleeping bag 7

Details: The Phantom Gore-Tex Sleeping Bag is one of the most expensive sleeping bags on our list of the best 0 degree sleeping bags. This sleeping bag has been made into a royal luxury sleeping bag due to its waterproof Gore-tex construction, lofty 800 fill, vertical sidewall baffles and expedition mummy shape. This bag can be taken anywhere you wish. For backpacking, its size and weight are relatively lower than all other mummy-shaped bags

 Phantom GORE-TEX sleeping bags are suitable for use at any time of year, but during the winter season, their performance adapts to the body’s needs. There was no doubt that the warmth and comfort provided by this sleeping bag were of the highest quality. The Gore-Tex Infinium material of this sleeping bag ensures comfort and warmth. One of the major problems with this sleeping bag is its price. In comparison with all other sleeping bags, the price of this sleeping bag is relatively high.

Trestles Elite Eco 0 Sleeping Bag: 0F

best Synthetic sleeping bag for the backpack

  • MSRP: 199$
  • WEIGHT: 3 lbs 8.3 oz
  • Tested Comfort: 15.6°F / -9.1°C
  • Stuff Size: ‎11” x 21”

Pros: Affordable, comfortable, durable, Long lasting polyester ripstop.

Cons: Item dimension is a little bigger for the backpack

best 0 degree sleeping bag 8

Details: The Trestles Elite Eco is one of the finest sleeping bags in the mid-range price range. As a whole, I prefer it the most, however, I find the size to be a bit too large for a backpack. HL-ElixR Eco insulation traps body heat in this mummy-shaped bag. For the purpose of knowing the real performance, it was used at -8 degrees Celsius and there was no loss of comfort or warmth.

Most mid-range and low-cost sleeping bags tear or deteriorate due to excessive friction caused by the ripstop polyester, rendering them unusable. The most impressive aspect of this sleeping bag is that it has never experienced such a problem. It will be possible for you to use the bag repeatedly

TETON Sports ALTOS Lightweight Mummy

best 0 degree sleeping bag for money

  • MSRP: 199$
  • WEIGHT: 3.5 lbs
  • Stuff Size: ‎‎12.95” x 9.96” x 9.76”

Pros: Affordable, comfortable, durable, Average Warmer

Cons: heavyweight

best 0 degree sleeping bag 9

Details: The TETON Sports ALTOS sleeping bag is ideal for those who want a wider sleeping bag in the Mummy shape, then the TETON Sports ALTOS sleeping bag will be ideal for you. There is no sleeping bag that is more spacious than a rectangular sleeping bag.

However, this sleeping bag is constructed differently. Even though the sleeping bag is shaped like a mummy, there is ample shoulder and leg room. The result will be that you will have the option of moving around and snoozing or resting. In no other mummy-shaped sleeping bag can you find this feature

Due to the additional space for shoulder and leg room, this bag will provide less warmth than other mummy bags. Additionally, it weighs a bit more than other mummy bags, but its size is suitable for backpacks.

Phantom Sleeping Bag: 0F Down

 Best 0 degree sleeping bag for the backpack

  • MSRP: 639$
  • WEIGHT:  2lb 9oz
  • EN/ ISO Rating: 13°F
  • Stuff Size: ‎‎8.25” x 16.5”

Pros: Comfortable, durable, Average Warmer, Ideal for backpack

Cons: expansive

best 0 degree sleeping bag 10

Details: As this sleeping bag’s main elements are 800-fill down and Ghost nylon material, it will provide enhanced comfort and warmth. As a result, we tested this sleeping bag at -6 degrees and were satisfied with the results. Moreover, its size and weight can be easily adapted for backpacking.

Let us now discuss the most important aspect of our satisfaction. I found this sleeping bag to be a bit narrow on the shoulder part, which made it a little difficult to use in cold weather. Furthermore, this bag did not provide immediate warmth in cold weather, but after a while, it returned to a comfortable and warm state. As a result, if you wear this sleeping bag in conjunction with a winter jacket, it will be the most comfortable sleeping bag for you to use.

The North Face Wasatch 0F

Excellent 0 degree sleeping bag overall for all Seasons

  • MSRP: 109$
  • WEIGHT:  ‎4.41lb
  • Temperature Rating: Extreme
  • Stuff Size: ‎‎21” x 13 ” x 12”

Pros: ideal for backpack, comfortable, durable, good warmth

Cons: little heavy

best 0 degree sleeping bag 11

Details: In terms of value for money, this sleeping bag is one of the best 0 degree sleeping bags. As a mummy-shaped sleeping bag, I initially assumed it would weigh between 2.5 and 3 pounds.

However, we were not prepared for its weight. It weighs approximately 4.5 pounds. The foldable size of this sleeping bag makes it ideal for long-term hiking or camping in a backpack.

This sleeping bag is notable for its thermal eco-insulation that helps keep you very comfortable and warm. To ensure long-term durability, the sleeping bag has been coated with a water-repellent finish. In this price range, this is an excellent value.

Cosmic Sleeping Bag: 0F Synthetic

The highest value-for-money sleeping bag

  • MSRP: 100$
  • WEIGHT:  ‎4lb 11oz
  • EN/ ISO Rating: 5F
  • Stuff Size: 17” x 11”

Pros: comfortable, Internal pocket, DWR finish liner, ideal for backpack

Cons: Snugness


Details: The last sleeping bag on our list of the best 0 degree sleeping bags is the Cosmic Sleeping Bag. The comfort and warmth of this sleeping bag were comparable to those of all other mid-range sleeping bags. It should be noted that this mid-range sleeping bag has an exceptional design. There is a pocket inside this sleeping bag in which you can keep your phone, headlamp, or other small gear. Which is a new innovation

sleeping picking from shop

Choosing the right sleeping bag for 0 degrees

It is difficult to select the ideal sleeping bag for your needs when so many factors are taken into account at once. Depending on your affordability and needs, you can choose any one from below.

Affordable:  We appreciated the fact that the sleeping bags we tested offered a reasonable value at an affordable price. Among them, the rectangular sleeping bag deserves special mention for its features, despite its low price.

Best Affordable Rectangular Sleeping Bag: Coleman Dunnock sleeping bag, Coleman Big sleeping bag

Mummy-shaped sleeping bag: Cosmic Sleeping Bag, North Face Wasatch 0F, Coleman 0°F Mummy

Durable: A durable sleeping bag must first, and staple is washable and reusable. Furthermore, it can be machine washable, and it does not matter what shape it is (mummy, rectangle).

Best durable 0-degree sleeping bag: Trestles Elite Eco 0, Phantom Sleeping Bag

Comfy and warm:  From the normal side, To ensure comfort and warmth in a sleeping bag, we must choose an excellent sleeping bag. Depending on the raw materials and the R-value of a sleeping bag. Although many sleeping bags had a low R-value and were made from raw materials, they performed very satisfactorily in real-life tests. As a result, the quality of a comfortable sleeping bag depends on the optimization of materials.

Best comfy optimization sleeping bag: Lithium Sleeping Bag, Oberon Sleeping Bag

Choosing the best 0 degree sleeping bags: what should I avoid?

It is imperative to note that many sleeping bags advertised on the market are not made with genuine nylon, polyester, taffeta, or fillers. Camping or hiking is not their primary focus when it comes to comfort and warmth. Due to these factors, it is not possible to obtain the same level of satisfaction as with the original shopping bag.

Again, it is true that many sleeping bags are made from original materials, but they do not perform optimally by conforming properly to the body ratio. As a result, traceable down doesn’t comply with the standard rules for responsible down. This makes it unsuitable for folding.

An all-inclusive sleeping bag package – enjoy luxurious comfort.

When it comes to sleeping in comfort and warmth at night, there is no comparison to a sleeping bag. With the addition of a sleeping bag as well as some helpful little gear, they can be made much more comfortable and warm, which will give you the feeling of being in a luxurious environment. Let’s find out more about that gear.

Aluminum Blanket Mat: It is possible for a sleeping bag or pad to lose its durability in cold weather due to the tendency of ice or small hard rocks to fall into the bag. So we always recommend the use of an aluminium blanket mat under the sleeping pad or bag.

Rolling Foam pad: We have found the Switchback pad to be the best rolling foam pad on the market. A foam pad is used to block the reflection of the snow. Switchback pads have the advantage of being easily convertible into sitting seats that can be used to cook or perform other outdoor activities. You may also want to consider camping mattresses if you have more than one person sleeping together comfortably.

Air sleeping pad: A sleeping pad does not compare in terms of comfort or relaxation, which improves the r value. We used NeoAir Xtherm sleeping pads under the sleeping bag, which have an R-value of 6.9. Additionally, their weight is very light, which makes them easy to carry.

Choose the best sleeping bag: In the previous section, we have discussed the top 10 best 0 degree sleeping bags. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any of these options. However, if you are seeking long-lasting camping or a comfortable bag, you should consider a high-quality one.

Using that four gears at once is a survival ninja technique

The temperature outside was -20 to -30 degrees and we were sleeping in tents, which was extremely challenging. However, we were able to adapt to these conditions very easily.

Firstly, lay the Aluminum Blanket mat on the ground. Secondly, the switchback foam pad should be placed in the center of the aluminum blanket, and thirdly, the NeoAir Xtherm sleeping pad should be placed in parallel above the switchback foam pad. Now Enjoy, at number four, you can sound sleep in comfort and warmth with any sleeping bag; even if the outdoor temperature is -30°, you can sleep comfortably. We have tested this technique.

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